Part of the vision of New Life Christian Church is to have a world outreach.  Here is a look at the ministries that we are partnered with and help support through our regular monthly Missions giving. These ministries are in operation full-time reaching people and meeting their most basic needs so they might preach and share the gospel with them both here in America and around the world.  

  • Our research has revealed a number of causes that keep the people living in remote Himalayan villages in a cycle of suffering and poverty. We call these our 5 Core Issues. Although, we present information on each one independently, these 5 core issues are interrelated, with each one affecting all of the others. It is impossible to bring lasting change while only addressing one or two of these issues. Our approach is to carry hope to the villages of the Himalayas by addressing all of these core issues in a holistic way.


  • tim Grisham ministries - Tipton, In    

    S.O.M.E. (School of missions & evangelism). 

    Going: We have personally ministered in 31 countries on 70 plus missionary journeys; preaching the gospel, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, tent crusades, feeding and clothing the poor, ministering to prisoners as well as building churches, orphanages and houses around the world. Also we have also been privileged to connect people with their dreams of long term missions over the years. There is a great need for missionaries here in America and abroad; so we are committed to helping others discover the opportunities awaiting them right where they live as well as around the world! 

    S.O.M.E. also hosts an annual Veterans Outreach based in the Kokomo area where New Lifers go and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and share the gospel! 

  • We understand that those who suffer as a result of poverty, natural disaster and war are in need of God's love more than ever. Wherever there is human suffering, God is already there in the midst of the trouble waiting for you and I to join Him in bringing relief and love.

  • Our mission in Romania is to make disciples and to bring light and life to believers living in condemnation, powerless ritual, self righteousness and defeat. We want to help people become mature and confident in their walk with Jesus, sincere and passionate about the Gospel. 

  • Mercy Multiplied is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations, including eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancy, depression, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. We hope to help every woman we serve experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.

  • Tony and Patsy Cameneti have ministered in a wide range of capacities over the past 25 years in over 30 nations of the world. Their ministry has been marked by strong desire and a God-given grace to help Christians understand the finished work of Jesus Christ and just how that truth impacts each believer’s daily walk with God. Tony and Patsy are located in Australia and are directors of Rhema Australia and pastor Rhema Family Church.

  • Compassion in action - india

    People often don't care what you say until they see you care with your action. CIA is based in India. Here we oversee 3 orphanages, and 1 widows home. We supply care, food and education.   

  • True Purpose Ministries desires to provide individuals the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the discipleship of the Word of God upon their choice to do so. To train them to be productive Sons and/or Daughters of God with a master skill set to break the curse of poverty. To provide the individual’s family the opportunity to do the same.