life kids

  • KinderChurch 4 year olds - Kindergard

    Here in the Kinderchurch we have a team of teachers that teach the Word of God to the children during every service.

    The children are taught through a faith-based curriculum that incorporates lessons, crafts, memory verses and games.

  • Toddlers 2 & 3 year olds

    In the Toddler Room we have been given these children by God during their most vital learning years.

    We are entrusted to plant seeds of the Word within them and to make a positive lasting impression in their lives.

    We are here to help the children form a strong and solid foundation.

  • NewBorn - 24 months

    The nursery provides children with a secure environment in which they can safely play and interact with other children of their own age. We are blessed to be able to serve your child with the utmost love and care.

  • New Life Kids 1st - 4th grade

    New Life Kid’s Church is a great way for your children to learn about the power of God’s Word and His character.

    Each service our dedicated teachers develop lessons that include praise and worship, memory verses, illustrations, and games.

    This variety reinforces the lesson and helps your children relate to it.

    We want your children to understand that choosing to be a Christian does not have to be boring.

    Church and Christianity can be fun!