Come serve and volunteer with us! Our volunteers are dedicated, driven, and innovative individuals making a difference by loving God and loving people at New Life Christian Church & World Outreach.

  • Sound ministry

    TEAM LEADER: Jeremy Makinson

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  • media

    TEAM LEADER: Lee & Diana Price

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  • LIfe Groups

    TEAM LEADERS: Bryce & Carolyn Glocks

  • Marrieds

    TEAM LEADERS: Jeff & Stacy Miller

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  • Food pantry

    TEAM LEADER: Rusty & Kathy Gabbard

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  • Lights

    TEAM LEADERS: Ethan Penn

    Lighting teams focus is to help add to the atmosphere for whatever event may be happening here at New Life. 

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  • Greeting Team

    TEAM LEADER: Airaka Houser

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  • Cleaning Team

    TEAM LEADER: Austin Penn

    This team of people focuses on providing a facility cleaned and tidied with excellence. At New Life we believe that caring for our building is another expression of honor and respect to Christ  and to everyone who steps through the threshold of His house.  

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  • Hebrews

    TEAM LEADERS: Brandon & Shanna Cannon

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  • Welcome center

    TEAM LEADERS: Leon & Kim Huntsman

    If you have any questions about the how, what when and where's of what is happening at New Life, this specific area is designed to answer those questions and provide the best information possible. 

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  • Nursing home

    TEAM LEADER: Frankie Harness

    On the first Sunday of every month, we hold a church service at Millers Merry Manor. Our purpose is to minister to those in the senior community by showing them they are deeply loved by God, they still have a purpose, and they are not forgotten. We do this by showing up, singing hymns, encouraging them through the word, and taking time to pray and talk with and simply love on them. While many may have rejected Christ early on, through this ministry we are able to reach those still needing Him in the last stages of life.

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  • Kids Check In

    TEAM LEADER: Dave & Mary Lou Porter

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  • CLub 56

    TEAM LEADERS: Brightie Lowe & Paul + Aleisha Penn

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  • Champions ministry

    TEAM LEADER: Kathy Hall

    This area of ministries purpose is to help provide a safe space for special needs children and adults so their caretakers can attend services and receive in fullness. This ministry also gives us the opportunity to show these children and adults the love of Jesus through our interaction with them. 

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  • Service coordinators

    TEAM LEADERS: Greg & Lisa Watkins

    Greg & Lisa help facilitate the flow of services, in a superb manor they make sure that the structure of a service is carried out and defend it distraction. 

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  • Women's Ministry

  • Children's MINISTRY

  • Usher ministry

    TEAM LEADER: Jeff Miller

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  • Worship  ministry

    TEAM LEADER: Brightie Lowe

    Vocal or Instrumental Auditions: Click here to contact Brightie Lowe.

    Media & Sound: Click here to contact Lee & Diana Price.

    Lighting: Click here to contact Ethan Penn.

  • S.A.l.T. Ministries

    TEAM LEADERS: Celeste Wardwell & Aleisha Penn

    S.A.L.T stands Servings Another Loving Together and these two precious ladies lead this area of ministry with excellence.  Whether it is postpartum support, grief support  or down time after a major procedure this ministry is able to fulfill its purpose of removing the stress of making meals for those in need. 

    Click here to contact Aleisha for funeral meal support.

    Click here to contact Celeste for home meal support.



    TEAM LEADERS: Jose & Millie Romero

    Prayer/Altar Team ministries purpose is to help pray for and believe with those who choose to respond to an altar call. This team also prays before every service. Their heart is for all those who walk through the threshold know that they are loved by God and know His Presence. 


    TEAM LEADER: Rex Laughlin

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  • Grounds/building

  • Parking lot ministry


    TEAM LEADER: Dave Calaway

    We all know that sometimes it can seem like a battle getting our families through the doors at church. This ministry is a vital part of creating a stress free arrival to services! 


    TEAM LEADER: John Bryan Lowe

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    TEAM LEADER: Brenda Ganshorn



  • Hospitality team

    TEAM LEADER: Brightie Lowe

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  • Youth Ministry

    TEAM LEADER: John Bryan Lowe II

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